Pierre Herme – Best Macarons !


greetings humans !! we are french macarons and we are verrry tasty !

….. “two of each flavor”, i had asked macaron elf to bring back for me from paris. her eyebrows went up a bit, “you want two of every flavor ??” “yuh huh, i want two.”

i have adored parisian macarons ever since i first had them years ago. that shattering yet chewy almond cookie sandwiching the smooth ganache filling, is a combination of textures and flavors that has no equal in any other type of cookie. it’s a unique confection and stands in a class by itself, like a separate species in the genera of cookiedom. whenever i’ve had friends who were going to paris, they would be enlisted as my macaron mules.

pierre herme , macaron maker extraordinaire, is of course , my first choice. he creates intense macarons that put all other macarons to shame. the flavor combinations are delicious and inventive, and he brings out special seasonal flavors that are available for only a few months, so that the roster of macaron flavors is ever changing, in the most delightful way. this past week, the pierre herme store in paris had eleven macaron flavors. macarons are made with pure almond flour and contain no wheat nor grains, and so is gluten free. pierre herme macarons have the thickest fillings of any macaron out there, and it’s the filling that make macarons luscious. i measured the fillings and some of these had a 3/4″ thick filling. that’s the highest filling to almond cookie ratio anywhere.


seasonal macaron flavors – jasmine, pistachio cherry, ispahan.

jasmine – just like jasmine perfume, very sweet and heady. floral flavors are rather delicate, so if you like florals then you’d like this one. it had silvery specks all over the macaron. i used to wear morrocan jasmine oil a lot , so i love eating the macaron version of it.


pistache & griottine – tasted nutty, but my favorite part was the bing cherry embedded in the center of the green pistachio filling. one of my favorites.


ispahan – ahh my beloved ispahan . i had switched from wearing jasmine oil to pure rose oil as a perfume, and love the scent of roses. i even drink rose water. the ispahan macaron is the macaron version of pierre herme’s famous ispahan pastry. (see my previous posts) this month pierre herme is having an ispahan festival, in which he offers 8-10 desserts along the ispahan flavor theme of rose, raspberry and lychee. he even has an ispahan cheesecake. the ispahan macaron is redolent of the scents of rose and lychee, with a very moist layer of intense raspberry jam. it feels cool because the macaron is saturated with rose syrup, and the filling is very soft like cream. delicate and intense at the same time, this is an outrageous tasting macaron !


chocolat & yuzu - yuzu is a japanese citrus fruit that is neither quite lime nor lemon but has its own distinctive citrus taste. this is quite evident in the yuzu macaron. i can taste the zest blended in with the chocolate ganache. a very adult and nuanced flavor.

mogador - passion fruit and chocolate … this one’s my favorite. i love anything with passion fruit or cherry in it. the mogador is tangy and sweet , the passion fruit gives it a powerful flavor. intense and scrumptious !


olive oil & vanilla - like a creamy mouthful of olive oil , with a sliver of chewy green olive in the middle. i don’t really like savory ingredients in sweets, but if you love olive oil then you’ll love this. look, it’s sticking its olive tongue out !


cafe – this had such deeply intense coffee flavor that it was more like espresso. really yummy.

rose - rose macaron with rose petal cream. like eating roses, the cream was soft and silky, an elegant one.


milk chocolate & coconut – the filling is two layers, one chocolate, the other coconut. strong coconut flavor and chewy due to the bits of coconut.


caramel & fleur de sel - great caramel flavor, i can really taste the burnt sugar butteriness of a great caramel. yummy.

chocolat – chocolate macaron with a chocolate ganache filling. it was like eating a chocolate truffle with chewy almond goodness.


pierre herme macarons are 72 Euro per kilo. (a kilo is 2.2 pounds). they can also be purchased individually for $2.25 each. these macarons are absolutely delicious , so exploding with flavor, that they are truly the best macarons being made anywhere. they’re worth every euro. a box of two dozen pierre herme macarons will cost around $55. a small price to pay for a macarorgasm.

now that i’ve eaten twenty four macarons in two days, my macaron craving is abated … for the time being …… also i find that i am unable to button my pants. hmm, coincidence ? if you’re going to paris, you know what i want……… merci beaucoup…………………….. prologue :


gilding gold – what to do with two macarons left ? i was pet sitting and my friend has a typical man-fridge i.e.: no food, but lots of booze. so i soaked the remaining chocolate and cafe macarons in fra angelico liqueur as i thought the almond liqueur would be the perfect foil for the almond rich macarons. the fragile cookie part breaks up within minutes, so it’s best to dunk the macaron into the liqueur. i’ve dubbed this new dessert mac n’ booze. it’s all good.

read my previous post on pierre herme’s famous ispahan pastry.

mac-n-fra.jpg pour1.jpg
**** in the book chocolate desserts by pierre herme written by dorie greenspan, there is a recipe for his chocolate macarons on page 91.

** a big sugary sweet kiss to robyn lee the girl who ate everything for being my macaron agent.

*** read my other posts on nyc macarons by typing word in the search bar.

copyright 2009 Jo Jo Kwong. all rights reserved.

copyright 2007 eat2love.wordpress.com all rights reserved.

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14 responses to “Pierre Herme – Best Macarons !

  1. hi i love your detailed description of PH macarons! not too mention the salivating images. I mentioned ur site in my blog if that’s ok. Loooove the pistachio macaron! aren’t they are all divine creatures!

  2. Marie

    Great post! Macarons are just the best things ever!

  3. adel h

    this is a very detailed description of my PH’s macarons, great job! linked up this entry of yours onto my Paris’ macarons adventure :)

  4. Pingback: Sweet Things in Paris «

  5. I’m eating PH’s macarons right now yet your post still succeeds in making me drool lol…I wonder if the isaphan one is available in London.

  6. woww love how you capture these macarons!! they all look super yummyy!!!:-)

  7. Pingback: PH .. Pierre Herme « World is So Sweet…

  8. Gina

    I came across your blog while researching macaron flavors (I make my own). I saw that you have been searching for decent macarons in NYC. I came across some interesting info. There is a pastry chef who makes French macarons, but only does home delivery in the NY area. Apparently her shop closed, but she has enough customers to do business strictly by delivery. The website is itzybitzypatisserie.com. Another thing, I read that she studied with Pierre Herme, so I imagine her macarons should be very good. :)

  9. great posting on macaroons! some awesome flavors i’d love to test out. thanks for sharing!

  10. Em

    Okaaay, you really made me jealous xD So how much is a box of a dozen macarons annnnd how are the chocolate ones? ^^ They look absolutely fantastic, but are they as good as they look?

  11. liza

    I have celiacs and will be in Paris in April. I was already starting to prepare myself to be surrounded by amazing pastries and croissants that I cannot eat – and then I remembered macarons! My sister said Pierre Hermes were the best and searching I found your blog. I am so excited now – I plan to make up for the lack of pastry by indulging in as many macarons as I can handle. As fan of caramel and sea salt I cannot wait to try that one. Thanks for giving me something decadent to dream about as I anticipate my trip.

  12. hello,
    i just had my first taste of pierre herme macarons! one of my friends just returned from her honeymoon in Paris and brought me back a half dozen or so for me. my favorite was the passionfruit and chocolate!

    i was searching for the flavor listings of pierre hermes and came across your post. loved your photos;. i didn’t think to take photos of the “innards” either. these macarons were the best i’ve had (compared to bouchon and jacques torres). they held up pretty well too.

  13. Jean

    I agree 100% that Pierre Hermes has the best Macaron’s beats Laduree any day. Though I heard he was the original pastry chef before at Laduree? My favorite is the passion fruit filling and you’re absolutely right on having the best and thickest filling. Now it makes me want to go back to Paris. (i wish)

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