50 M Beans

put 50 Madagascar vanilla beans into a bottle of rum


                    simple, efficient conversion

only 1 day later

                                  only 1 day later


vanilla extract is a liquid derivative of the transfer between bean and alcohol


                                 rum multiplier 

el dorado rum is made in guyana, using the last 3 operating wood stills in the world.

plantation rum barbados

plantation rum is made on the caribbean island of barbados. it is distilled and aged in barbados, then shipped to france so that it can be further aged in used cognac barrels at the chateau de bonbonnet.

plantation also makes an overproof rum of 73% alcohol by volume, while barbados has a highest income tax of only 2.5%.  this country has its priorities right.


Copyright 2013 Jo Jo Kwong      All Rights Reserved


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